What is Bristol Arts Monster?

“Involvement with arts and culture is crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity in young people.”

Arts Council England

This campaign is all about encouraging Bristol families to get stuck into the arts.  Music, theatre, art, dance… Bristol’s got it all going on and we want you and your family to make the most of it!

We all know how much enjoyment kids get out of taking part in the arts.  And, with arts education facing more and more cuts, it’s up to us parents to encourage them as much as possible.  But, let’s face it, who wants to redecorate their house every time the paints come out?  Why drag them to an art gallery if some mood hoover is going to scowl because they’re asking questions too loudly?  And why do we often only hear about the amazing event that our child would have LOVED after it’s finished?

This is where Bristol Arts Monster can help.  Here you can:

  • Find out what’s going on in and around the city and how you can get involved by following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get inspiration for art projects that you can try at home (without having to move house afterwards), as well as art challenges that people of all ages can have fun with.
  • Find out what inspires Bristol’s artists and organisations in our monthly interviews.

And how can you get involved?

  • Share your photos of you and your family getting stuck in and you may just inspire others to do the same! Tag them with #MassiveARTtack and we’ll chose our favourite each week.
  • If you want to let us know about an event that’s coming up, email us bristolartsmonster@gmail.com.
  • If you’re an artist or organisation and want to join in the party then get in touch!

Let’s give Bristol a #MassiveARTtack!

💥 BAM 💥